الاثنين، 12 مارس 2007

The Burn The Fat Inner Circle

It’s Official! After many, many, many months of preparation and work, the Burn The Fat Inner Circle members only website is nearing completion and is officially scheduled for a September 19th launch date! You can’t get in yet, but you can go to the Burn The Fat Inner Circle website and subscribe to the VIP early bird notification list, which will put you in our drawing for free memberships and other prizes as well as give you first dibs on getting charter membership rates… charter membership to this site is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Read on to find out more…
The Burn The Fat Inner Circle is “The Internet’s Premiere Fat Loss Support Community.”
When you join the Inner Circle when it opens in September, you will gain access to:
  • Every episode of Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Show (A Members-Only Podcast)
  • Audio interviews with top fitness and fat loss experts
  • Library of exercises
  • Ever-expanding library of *exclusive* articles
  • Exclusive (not published elsewhere) Burn The Fat program Q & A
  • Exclusive e-books and e-reports for members only
  • Workout journals
  • Diet and menu tracking and planning tools
  • Calorie and nutrient information at your fingertips
  • weight loss and fitness news headlines
  • Photo galleries
  • Recipes
And then there are the Amazing Burn The Fat forums where thousands of men and women will get together to discuss, learn, motivate and grow…
  • Main Burn The Fat forum
  • 100 pound club
  • Beginner’s corner forum
  • Fat loss after 40 forum
  • Female fat loss forum
  • Home training forum
  • Fitness equipment forum
  • Cardio forum
  • Weight training forum
  • Contest preparation forum
  • Goals and motivation forum
  • Share recipes forum
  • Critique board forum
And that’s just the beginning… There will be more as the Inner Circle grows!
We also have a phenomenal staff of moderators, experts, and Burn The Fat “veterans” who will be sharing their widsom, support, advice and expertise in the Burn The Fat Forums.
This is going to be a truly special educational resource where you can learn more about your body and how to shape it, sculpt it and develop it into the body of your dreams. The Inner Circle is also going to be a positive support community that will bring together like-minded men and women from all four corners of the globe.
I will be posting more news and updates about the Inner Circle over the next few weeks.
In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a part of this members-only community, here’s what you should do now so you don’t miss out when the Inner Circle opens in 20 days:
Go to the Inner Circle website and sign up for the VIP early bird launch notification announcement list

This will get you in the front of the line for our free membership drawing and it will give you a chance to get first dibs on the charter membership rates for the first early birds who join during the launch extravaganza which starts on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006.

الاثنين، 7 مارس 2005

bfl - and weight loss in general

Hellooooooo! I'm here, I'm alive, still kicking.

Let's see - last week I made it to the Dr. He looked me over and said 'it's a virus, you'll just have to wait to get over it.'

Well frankly I was sick of waiting! :) I picked up a new batch of viamins - Prenatal vitamins. Way back when I was a teenager I was sick and tired and was having reaccouring throat infections (my tonsils are out now or I probably would still be getting them.) Anyway, back then the dr prescribed me Prenatal vitamins. (back when you had to have a prescription for them) He assured my mom that he was mearly giving them to me because my immune system was so worn down that he felt I needed the extra punch of some heavy duty vits. And you know what? It worked. I got over the infections and my energy picked up. Years later I found out I had been exposed to the Epstine Bar virus and that was probably the time I was fighting it..

Anyway I picked up some vits, started taking them and I did start feeling better. Some days were better then others but overall I was on the upswing. AND I made it to the gym every day. No running mind you - but hit the weights and did some light cardio! yay!

Then Monday hit. I felt like someone had taken out my brain and stuffed my skull full of.. slime and then used it like a stess ball. *sniiiiffff* All day yesterday I layed in bed, aching from head to toe eyes and nose running like a faucet. I went to bed last night planning to spend today in bed as well. The alarm went off at 4:00, I opened my eyes and it was like a miricle! I could BREATH! I moved around a little and discovered, no headache, no body aches. A MILD case of the sniffles was all I had left.

and that's where I am today.

Good news - through all of this I haven't gained any weight.

What's the future? Well I'm going to tighten up my nutrition. frankly as tired as I've been I haven't had the energy to really disapline my nutrition but that's happening TODAY! I'll hit the gym the remaining two days of this week but it's going to be LIGHT work - no relaps for me. Still if I factor in the lack of excercise I should be able to drop 1.75 lbs by this time next week That's the goal.

Oh - and last week's results were good. I haven't lost any strength. I've reached all my 1/2 way strength goals! The only stats that are giving me fits are weight and body fat... the stuff that actually SHOWS on the outside.. bleh!

Anyway - I'm back. I'm back in action, back focused. I think part of my mental melies was my focusing on the 'big picture' Getting stressed about losing an enormous amount of weight by a certain amount of time. When I look at the 'big picture' (75 lbs). losing .2 here and .1 here just doesn't seem 'good enough'. especially when a week laiter I gain .5 back! 

So I'm going back to focusing on one day at a time. Getting through today as best I can - tomorrow will take care of itself (to parphrase a really smart famous guy Matthew 6:34)

And I starting 'simple' again. Focusing on calories in vs calories out. Making sure I get SOME protien with every meal and trying to make my carbs 'good'. But not focusing on the ratios so much. So for the next week I'll work on tracking calories.

Here is the REALLY good news. My fiance has been offered a full time perminant postion. This means we can finally start looking into moving! Maybe by April I'll be able to NOT look forward to spending FOUR hours of my life every day riding to and from work!

Oh yeah! and as a surprise my fiance got me a Nano on Friday - I've been loading it up will all my favorite workout songs (and inspirational audio books) in preperation of starting back running! yay! AND my fiance has been reading a book that's been inspriring HIM and he's talking/thinking about getting back into running - I'm trying to convince him to do the Bay to Breakers with me - how fun will THAT be?

Lastly - thank you thank you thank you to EVERYONE who checked up on me! Seeing all those lovely messages from everyone has helped me keep my head above water. I'm going to try to set aside some time to do the same for all of you.

Protein Pancake Heaven

I decided to have protein pancakes for supper. I had everything in the bowl and went to get the vanilla-of course there was NONE! I thought about making them without it, but I just knew they would be in the trash and I would be busting out the Mac'n Cheese! So I decided to use Banana extract. (I have no idea why I have this.)

THEY ARE FRIGGIN FANTASTIC! They taste like warm banana bread right out of the oven. They would probably taste even more fantastic topped with some banana slices and walnuts with sugar free syrup drizzled over them! YUM! I couldn't spare the calories for all that though, but tomorrow.......!

The "Biggest Loser" is on tonite! Even though I think it is not right at all to lose so much weight every week, I still am hooked on it! Another one of my favorites is "From Flab to Fab" it is on VHS! AWESOME! With all the weightloss shows and Plastic Surgery shows on TV right now, I am in heaven! I love any show where people make a transformation!

Second day of success on my maximum fat loss plan! Tomorrow I plan on doing a killer lower body workout using curcuits! And on Turkey day I plan on splurging, but I am going to do a 5 mile run to help with the calore expendenture.

My dentist appointment today was just more pictures and another bite mold! Did I mention he was a perfectionist! December 14th is when I get my new pearly whites. I am so excited!!